Security Tips  

IBeRemit Banking Security Message

We would like to advise our customers that they should not respond to any email that aims at gaining access to their ID and Password details.

he fraudulent spam email usually contains a hyperlink to a login page which requests recipients to input their Banking ID and Password.

We advise our customers to ignore emails that request confidential information such as user IDs and passwords. Indian Bank , Singapore will never contact customers to ask for their log on details and personal information for e-Remit Banking,

We also remind our customers to connect only to http:// or when accessing IBeREMIT Banking. Never follow a link within an e-mail to start an IBeREMIT Banking session. Instead, key-in directly to the browser address bar our URL or to access our secured IBeREMIT Banking site.

Remember: No e-mail from Indian Bank, Singapore will contain a hyperlink to our IBeREMIT Banking Login Page.

We advise our customers to also note the following security tips:
 >> Keep your ID secure.
 >>Never write down your Password or reveal it to anyone. 
 >>Change your Password on a regular basis.
 >>Log off properly using the "Logout" button, when you have finished an IBeREMIT Banking session.
 >>Always disconnect from the Internet when finished; never leave a connection on when not using the service.
 >>Install a personal firewall and virus detection software on personal computers, and update them regularly to ensure protection.

For any clarification, please call us at 6309-4377 / 6309-4378  or email us at

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